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Structural Integrity Engineering (SIE) Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned, specialised, structural engineering consultancy, operating since the year 2000.  Our business objective is to provide high quality, specialist structural engineering to mining, ports, heavy industrial companies and large infrastructure asset owners.

By utilising our specialist structural knowledge and experience we aim to provide our clients with effective advice for procurement, construction, whole-of-life maintenance and management of the integrity of their infrastructure assets.

SIE's distinct difference is our structural specialisation, with a technical workforce of structural engineers only.  This results in a company focus for our clients that provides the knowledge, experience and internal processes that are required for critical structural projects.

SIE has extensive experience with mines and port infrastructure including jetties and wharves as well as bulk material handling machinery such as shiploaders, stackers and reclaimers.

Our knowledge and experience can be applied to:

  • Structural design and documentation of both new and brownfields infrastructure for plant modifications, additions, upgrades, assessments and feasibility.
  • Structural condition, status and risk assessment of structures using the tools of visual inspection, design verification and measurement methods such as strain gauging and weighing.  SIE has conducted hundreds of site inspections and risk assessments for our clients using a customised risk rating process for structures.
  • Gaining superior outcomes with advanced analysis.  The use of finite element analysis can provide significant benefits by simulation to investigate and determine the structural status of complex structures and/or complex problems.
  • Providing direct assistance and advice to clients in situations such as providing on site (or off site) engineering responses to technical queries, undertaking reviews and audits of designs conducted by others, reviewing construction requirements and where necessary, crisis response.
  • Providing detail structural engineering investigative, forensic or expert witness services for incidents and accidents.
  • Providing training to client employees on basic structural knowledge, applicable standards and requirements for structures, fabrications, construction and maintenance.

When working with structures, use a specialist structural engineer.


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