Specialists in Structural Engineering

Our business objective is to provide high quality, specialist structural engineering to mining, ports, heavy industrial companies and large infrastructure asset owners.

By utilising our specialist structural knowledge and experience we aim to provide our clients with effective advice for procurement, construction, whole-of-life maintenance and management of the integrity of their infrastructure assets.

When working with structures, use a specialist structural engineer.

Structural Design and Documentation

Structural designs on fixed and mobile plants. Design assessments for plant for repair, capacity upgrade, retrofitting of new equipment or compliance with Australian standards.

Structural Condition, Measurement and Risk Assessment

SIE Engineers have been involved in a large number of plant and machine audits and systems implementation for mobile and fixed plant across many sites.  Structural inspection requires specialist knowledge and experience.

Client Assistance with Review/Audit of Designs

Where most large mining and processing companies have a reasonable number of Metallurgical, Mechanical, Electrical and Controls Engineers, they generally do not have their own Structural Engineer.

Superior Outcomes with Advanced Analysis

Advanced analysis techniques and simulation such as finite element analysis, provide greater levels of understanding and assessment of structural behavior.  These techniques are used when the general assumptions by many building type standards are exceeded.  SIE is able to assess static stress, buckling, fatigue, dynamic behavior and thermal effects using these techniques.

Failure Investigation, Expert Witness, Forensic Engineering

SIE's senior engineers have conducted numerous failure investigations from small technical investigations for improvements through to participation in fatality investigations under legal privilege and expert witness work.  Our detailed understanding of structural fundamentals, design methods, standards and failure mechanisms provides excellent base for conducting investigations.

Training and Education

SIE has developed a number of training modules for mine site personnel.  Training for site personnel can increase awareness and the ability to detect structural risks before they become significant.  The training modules cover a wide variety of structural principles including basic load paths, loads and resistances, design methods and standards, fabrication requirements and tips on how to interact with structural engineers and contractors.


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